Market Data Licensing Process

Except as noted below, all Cboe market data agreements and forms are administered by Cboe. Please submit all completed documentation via email to the Cboe Market Data Services Department for review.

Market Data Services Contact Information

Phone:: +1.212.378.8821
  • Cboe Global Markets
  • Cboe Market Data Services
  • 17 State Street
  • New York, NY 10004

Data Recipients

Please complete the following forms to sign up for Cboe U.S. Equities market data feeds. If you are distributing Cboe market data to external users, the Subscriber Agreement (below) or equivalent must also be completed. If you are distributing Cboe market data to affiliates, the List of Affiliates Form (below) must also be completed.

To add or cancel a data feed, please use the Exchange Data Request Form and System Description (above) to make your request.

End-User Subscriber Agreements – External Distributors Only

Firms that distribute real-time Cboe U.S. Equities market data via controlled display devices must administer a Cboe Subscriber Agreement or equivalent with each end-user subscriber firm or individual. This agreement is to be provided directly to the end-user by the market data distributor, not by Cboe. Firms have four options for administering the Cboe Subscriber Agreement or equivalent:

  1. Vendor Indemnification
  2. Stand Alone/Hard Copy
  3. Incorporation by Reference
  4. Online Click-Through Agreement

Please refer to the Cboe U.S. Market Data Policies for more information on how to administer the Cboe Subscriber Agreement or equivalent.