Apply to List on Cboe

To list your ETP on Cboe, please complete the following three steps:

1Notify Cboe

Notify the Listing Department regarding your desire to list your ETP on Cboe by emailing [email protected]

2Complete the Application

Contact Listings Qualifications for assistance in completing the appropriate application.

Listing Qualifications

Phone: +1.913.815.7024
Email: [email protected]

You should also review the Cboe Exchange Listing Rules (Chapter XIV of the Cboe Exchange Rules), which include information about listing qualification standards and corporate governance.

3Receive Approval to List on Cboe

Once your application items have been submitted, the Listing Qualifications Department will review them and issue a listing authorization letter.

The Listing Qualifications Department reviews applications to ensure compliance with initial listing requirements. Please note that securities that meet Cboe listing criteria are not automatically approved for listing. The approval of a given listing is at the sole discretion of Cboe.


For more information about listing on Cboe, please contact the Listing Services Department at [email protected]