Product Offering

Cboe Connect facilitates connectivity to most major market centers for order entry access and receipt of raw market data feeds through a proven and reliable exchange network. Firms can leverage existing connections to access all services, or order new connections to provide additional redundancy and capacity.

Market Data Access

Fees for individual multicast market data feeds start as low as $500 per month and include market data for both A and B streams over separate connections. This allows for redundant access to services with no additional access charge. Leverage existing connectivity used to access Cboe’ exchanges, or order new A and B connections to segregate services. The following market data feeds are available on both an individual and bundled basis for maximum cost effectiveness:

  • OPRA
  • Nasdaq TotalView
  • Nasdaq BX TotalView
  • Nasdaq PSX TotalView
  • NYSE OpenBook Ultra
  • NYSE ArcaBook
  • NYSE American OpenBook Ultra
  • NYSE Imbalances
  • NYSE American Imbalances
  • NYSE Trades
  • NYSE Arca Trades
  • NYSE American Trades
  • U.S. Equity Select + SIP Bundle (40% Discount)*
  • OPRA + SIP Bundle (10% Discount)**

Exchange Access

Scale your needs with unicast bandwidth from 1 MB up to 100 MB for entering orders to the following major market centers:

  • NYSE
  • NYSE Arca
  • NYSE American

Registered ATS Access

Cboe Connect features order entry access to the following leading registered ATS's:

  • Credit Suisse Crossfinder®
  • Level ATS
  • POSIT®
  • Virtu MatchIt

More Information

To learn more about how you can leverage Cboe Connect to reduce your telco costs without sacrificing speed, contact the Cboe Sales Team at 212.378.8560 or [email protected]

* U.S. Equity Select + SIP Bundle includes the following market data products: UQDF/UTDF/OMDF, CQS/CTS, Nasdaq TotalView, Nasdaq BX TotalView, Nasdaq PSX TotalView, NYSE OpenBook, NYSE ArcaBook, NYSE American OpenBook, and BBDS/TDDS.

** OPRA + SIP Bundle includes the following market data products: OPRA, UQDF/UTDF/OMDF, and CQS/CTS.