Cboe Connect

Cboe Global Markets — the leading global operator of exchanges that you know for defining markets to benefit all market participants — is also a premier network for marketplace connectivity.

Cboe Connect is our cost-efficient, low latency Access Services solution that allows you to leverage our already established network in order to access major market centers for market data and order entry connectivity.

Cboe Connect provides market participants access to major market centers for all of their market data and order entry needs by taking advantage of the Cboe Exchanges' established networks. Our goal through Cboe Connect is to allow customers to benefit from reliable connectivity to exchanges, market data providers and registered ATS's via already existing connectivity. Additionally, market participants connected to EDGA may use C-LNK to direct orders to Single Dealer Platforms (SDP).


Significant Cost Savings

Firms are able to leverage quick access to major markets without the burdensome cost and management associated with maintaining multiple telecommunication connections to each market center. In addition, pricing for market data is based on the type of data connection, not bandwidth. This enables subscribers to accommodate growing bandwidth requirements for data without fear of increasing bandwidth-driven costs. In fact, connecting to markets individually through a telecommunications provider can be significantly more expensive than utilizing Cboe's Access Services offerings, especially when existing exchange connectivity is leveraged to gain access to additional markets.

Flexible Month-to-Month Subscriptions

Subscriptions are available on a month-to-month basis, providing additional flexibility over the longer-term contracts of most telecommunications providers. Billing is on a month-to-month basis with only a 30-day cancellation period required.

Proven Capacity and Reliability

Reliability and uptime are assured as customers use the same infrastructure that Cboe uses in support of exchange trading. Cboe’s proven exchange infrastructure has ample capacity to support current and anticipated market data rates.

Reliable Burst Protection

Cboe Connect provides burst protection for order entry traffic where we monitor your requested bandwidth, but do not rate limit your connection. That means you are never in danger of oversubscribing.

Fast Access

Cboe Connect is a consistent, high performing network offering competitive microsecond round-trip circuit latency to multiple markets. In addition, all data is provided as published by the original market center ensuring the quickest delivery possible.

Available Services

Please refer to our Access Services Product Offering page for a complete list of the market data feeds, exchanges and ATS's available for access through the Cboe Connect network.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Cboe Sales Team at [email protected] or 866.472.5267.