Our Market Structure Views

Cboe operates in two equity marketplace regions that are widely considered to be the most liquid, transparent, efficient and competitive financial markets in the world. Despite the overall high quality of our equity capital markets today, we must remain focused on identifying areas in which market quality and stability can be improved and consider responsible, data-driven regulatory action where appropriate.

Some areas of U.S. market structure we propose reviewing include:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Fairness & Market Data
  • Venue Complexity
  • Order Type Complexity
  • Systemic Complexity

Please view our recent thoughts on U.S. equities market structure reform:

In Europe, our market structure principles are based on:

  • Reducing Cross-Border Complexities
  • Pan-European Accessibility
    • Trading
    • Listings
    • Trade Reporting Services
    • Market Data
  • Post-Trade Transparency

If you have any questions regarding Cboe, please contact:

U.S.: Bill Cody, Director, U.S. Equity Sales at +1.212.378.8528.

Europe: Jerry Avenell, Co-Head of Sales at +44 20 7012 8986