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MiFID Public Trade Data Downloads

Cboe Europe provides delayed trade data files as comma-separated values. This data is delayed by no more than 15 minutes. Data for the most recent 5 minutes can be downloaded per minute. Older data is provided in hourly files.

Data files can only be accessed with a valid access code. If you have already signed up you should have received an email with instructions on how to access the files. Click the link in the email or paste the access code below.

If you do not have a valid access code yet, please enter your email address here and it will be sent to you.

  • You agree to the terms of Cboe Privacy Notice and Policy and acknowledge that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the policy.
  • The download of data from this service is available free of charge to any registered user in accordance with MiFIR/MiFID II access provisions related to 15 minute delayed market data. By downloading data from this portal, you hereby confirm that you, and any company you are accessing the data on behalf of, are solely utilising the data in accordance with MiFIR/MIFID II (as further clarified in the subsequent ESMA Q & A responses, see ESMA document ESMA70-872942901-35) and shall not at any time utilise the data for commercial purposes. Should Cboe determine individuals or firms are using the data in a manner for commercial gain, in contravention of the MiFIR/MIFID II requirements or in any way detrimental to Cboe’s systems or operations, Cboe reserves its right to revoke access and take any appropriate action. If you or your firms believe your use would be of a commercial nature, or you wish to learn more about Cboe’s suite of market data products, please contact [email protected] for more information.