RTS 11: Tick Sizes

All MiFID symbols will move to the prescribed tick sizes on the implementation date. Subject to feedback, symbols currently outside the scope of MiFID (within scope under MiFID II) may be migrated to the prescribed tick tables ahead of implementation date. The tick size requirement will apply to limit prices on orders. It will not apply to executions.

Cboe currently provides details of the tick sizes used by various symbols in our symbol reference file. We also make available a tick size reference file. It is anticipated that at the implementation date, only the tables defined by MiFID II will appear in the BXE and CXE tick size file and all symbols defined in the BXE and CXE symbol reference files will utilise the appropriate tick tables. The BXTR TRF environment will continue to operate without specific tick size validation.

For reference, links are provided below to useful documents and files: