Release Notes

Cboe Europe Equities: Addition of Three New European Markets

September 20, 2018 09:39:34

Dear Cboe Europe Equities Participants,

Cboe Europe (Cboe) is pleased to announce that subject to regulatory approval, Warsaw (XWAR), Budapest (XBUD) and Prague (XPRA) market segments will be added to its on-exchange symbol universe, effective Monday 5th November 2018.


  • Cboe will extend its symbol universe to include stocks that make up the following equity indices: WIG20 (Warsaw), BUX (Budapest), PX (Prague)
  • These stocks will be available for trading on the Cboe BXE and CXE lit order books, the Periodic Auctions book and Cboe LIS
  • Market data for these new symbols will be disseminated on Unit 10
  • Regular Cboe BXE and CXE trading hours apply: 08:00—16:30 for orders and 07:50—18:00 for ETRs (London time)
  • Interoperable CCP clearing via EuroCCP, LCH or SIX x-clear is available for XPRA and XBUD symbols
  • Interoperable CCP clearing via EuroCCP and LCH is available for XWAR symbols


  • Exchange Traded Products (ETFs, ETCs, ETNs) will not be supported
  • Dark Book trading will not be supported
  • Dark Lit order type will be supported however the order will only interact with Lit book liquidity
  • Pegged order types will not be supported on the integrated books and Guarded Midpoint orders will not be supported on the BXE Periodic Auction book
  • The European Best Bid and Offer (EBBO) used by the BXE Periodic Auction book and Cboe LIS will not include prices from the primary exchange
  • Static price collars will apply

Tick sizes:

  • Tick sizes for the new instruments will be determined by the data published by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)


  • Standard Uniform Symbology methodology (UMTF) applies for these new securities, for example:
DescriptionUMTF NameISINCurrencyMICReuters Exchange CodeBloomberg Primary tickerReuters Primary RIC code
Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen SAPZUwPLPZU0000011PLNXWARWAPZU PW EquityPZU.WA

Certification (UAT) Testing:

All current and historical Cboe Europe notices, including symbol universe updates, are available online at

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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