ETF/ETP Trade Reporting

Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) offers a comprehensive on- and off-exchange suite of reporting services (BXTR) that include European ETFs and ETPs. BXTR allows Participants to report all of their ETF trades to Cboe rather than to multiple national exchanges or TDMs.

BXTR users can report their off-order book ETF trades using either the Trade Data Monitor (TDM) service or the Exchange Trade Report (ETR) service.

How to Access

  • Existing Cboe TDM Service users and ETR Service Participants can utilise these reporting services for ETFs/ETPs.
  • New users should:
    • register and use FIX or BOE connections, or
    • register and use Cboe’ TDM or ETR GUI (ideal for smaller volume participants), or
    • if not signed up but transacting with a Cboe BXTR Participant, ask your counterparty to report the trade
  • Reporting of bilateral trades in Swiss listed ETFs. Firms can either report their trades via the BXTR ETR service or, if firms only wish to publish the trade, via Cboe’s Swiss TDM licence and, in doing so, also become a reporting member of BX Swiss if not already a trading member of BX Swiss.