2014 BYX Exchange Regulatory Circulars

File number: BYX_RC_2014-007
Date filed: December 8, 2014

Amendments to Restrictions on Market Makers in UTP Derivative Securities

File number: BYX_RC_14-006
Date filed: November 5, 2014

Amendments to Compensation Claims

File number: BYX_RC_14-005
Date filed: October 20, 2014

Notice Regarding Integration of BATS Global Markets Holdings, Inc. Data Agreement and Direct Edge Exchange Data Vendor Agreement, and Amendments to BATS U.S. Market Data Policies

File number: BYX_RC_14-004
Date filed: September 15, 2014

Notice Regarding Amendments to BATS Global Markets Holdings, Inc. U.S. Market Data Policies

File number: BYX_RC_14-002
Date filed: May 20, 2014

Amendment to FINRA Rule 8312 Regarding BrokerCheck Disclosure

File number: BYX_RC_14-001
Date filed: February 5, 2014

Notice Regarding Filing of Annual Audited Reports with BATS Exchange and BATS YExchange