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Cboe Global Markets

Cboe BXTR: Trade Reporting Services

Suite of Services

Cboe Europe's (Cboe) suite of Trade Reporting Services is known as BXTR (Cboe Europe Trade Reporting). Cboe includes OTC market data at no extra cost to its existing data fees and aims to promote standardisation of OTC data by supporting the Market Model Typology (MMT) initiative.

The BXTR suite encompasses services that enable firms to fulfill a range of business and regulatory requirements including:

  • On-exchange reporting and optional clearing services under the ETR services
  • *OTC reporting services in accordance with the MiFID II Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) regime
  • Dissemination of MTF trades via Cboe market data to meet post-trade reporting obligations under MiFID II
  • Pre-trade transparency quoting in accordance with the MiFID II SI regime

The diagram below illustrates the suite of services on offer.