Market Data Solutions

Cboe Europe Equities offers cost-effective, high-quality market data solutions and benchmark indexes for users ranging from trading participants to website re-distributors.

Cboe Europe Equities is the largest stock exchange in Europe by market share and value traded. Clients benefit from a single connection to the top securities in Europe under one competitively-priced licence.

Pan-European Coverage, One Source

  • One license covers more than 6,200 securities from all the major European markets
  • Largest European trade reporting facility with approximately 80% of OTC equity trades
    • OTC data is bundled with real-time content at no additional fee
  • ~50% of all European trades by value traded are published on Cboe market data feeds
  • Calculate and publish 57 highly correlated European equity benchmark indexes, including single country, sector, pan-European and pan-Nordic
  • All major vendors carry Cboe Europe Equities data

Low-Cost, Simple Policy

  • No end user fees for
    retail / non-professionals
  • Clear policy terms to
    ensure compliance
  • Free trials of real-time
    data available

Firms may connect directly or via a market data vendor. Review the technical market data product specifications for information on our feeds.

For more information on accessing our markets, please contact: [email protected]

Cboe Operates the Largest APA in Europe

Approximately 80% of all OTC trading is reported through Cboe’s APA service and our BXTR suite of reporting services. This dataset includes more than 12,000 symbols.

The BXTR content includes:

  • On-Exchange and off-order book trades
  • Off-Exchange (OTC) trades
  • Third-party MTF trades
  • SI quotes

As the first adopters of MMT codification in post-trade reporting, Cboe is increasing transparency and unifying European market data for all participants. This codification is also implemented on all on-book trades in the Cboe system. OTC data is bundled within the real-time content at no additional fee.